Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Bakery Now Open!

With Love & Confection ~ A Sweet Boutique finally opened on March 11, 2013!

Sorry I have neglected my blog but we have been super busy baking and creating. We have literally had world wide fans following our bakery progress. I want to thank you all for your prayers and support.  It has been hard work opening this bakery. We have come so far and God has been so good! My amazing and sacrificial family has been there every step of the way!

If you don't remember- This is what the bakery looked like BEFORE:

This is what it looks like NOW!

The Powder Room

I was floored when THE Kerry Howard of KMH Interiors took notice of and complimented our bakery store front interior design! He is an old friend from way back before he became a famous designer! What an honor to have him visit our Sweet Boutique! 

We have had the honor of having other local celebrities visit With Love & Confection.
Jamie of Jamie Simpson Marketing has been a long time fan of our work. She brought her precious family with her to visit!

We absolutely fell in love with Francine Bryson when she came to visit!
She fell in love with our sticky buns! She is hilarious!

Here we are judging the Easley Farmer's Market Pie Contest together.
We were very serious about it!

Just wanted to share images of some of the things we have been creating in our Sweet Boutique.
All our baked goods are MADE FROM SCRATCH. We use local dairy products from Happy Cow Creamery. Using Happy Cow butter, milk, cream cheese and sour cream in all our baked goods makes our products far more superior than most.

These are our famous Strawberry LuvCakes. They are our definitely our most popular dessert!

My 12 yr old daughter is a natural at decorating LuvCakes!

Authentic Chocolate Eclairs with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream.

Fruit tart.

Baked Donuts.

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies.

Mini Pavlova.

Our famous Salted Caramel LuvCakes.

Gluten Free Brownies.

Raspberry Monkey Danish.

Lemon Bar.

Chocolate Croissant.

Luv'Ssant. Our take on the famous "Cronut".

Chocolate Cheesecake.

Vanilla French Macaron.

Lavender French Macaron.

Espresso Gourmet Marshmallows.

Lavender Gourmet Marshmallows.

Some of our cake art. All cakes are created and designed by Veronica Arthur.

I do not like using inedible decorations on cakes so I created this feather all in gumpaste.

This wedding cake was copied from a photo provided by my client. I am not the original designer.
I created this Princess baby all in gumpaste.

My client gave me the idea of wrapping Rapunzel's braid around a two tiered cake. We created a 1 tier version of this design but for some reason THIS two tiered version has attracted such overwhelming admiration around the world.

Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

With Love & Confection,



  1. Veronica,

    I love your bakery. I am currently a home baker who also wants to start a bakery someday. I don't really comment on blogs a lot, but wanted you to know that you are an inspiration for homebakers like me.

    More power to you and your family.

  2. Wow! You have an amazing bakery, Veronica! It already had a comfortable interior design before, but the renovation made it more pleasing. It can be a good strategy to attract more customers. Congratulations!

    Clint Shaff

  3. What a lovely bakery you have! The ambiance screams of sweetness all over. You said that your cakes are made from scratch? That is hard to believe because they all look amazing! Just looking at them makes me want to munch on them all. Haha! Good luck on your business and may it continue to thrive. :)

    Kim Bonner