Wednesday, October 17, 2012

White Chocolate Pumpkins Tutorial by With Love & Confection

Would you like to learn how to make my mini white chocolate pumpkins to decorate your cupcakes?

Here is how it's done!

First you will need to prepare your modeling chocolate and let it cool and stiffen at room temperature. Here's the recipe:

Veronica's White Modeling Chocolate

20 oz of white chocolate coating
1/2 cup light corn syrup

1. Place white chocolate coating in a microwave proof glass bowl. Make sure the bowl is completely dry. Any trace of water will cause your chocolate to seize up and it will be ruined.
2. Heat chocolate until completely melted. (approx 1-2 minutes)
3. Add the corn syrup and fold it into the chocolate with a dry rubber spatula until thoroughly mixed.
4. Scrape out the mixture onto a large piece of plastic wrap.
5. Let it cool slowly as you knead it every 1-2 minutes.

Helpful Hint:
Be careful not to let the separated fat cool completely without periodically kneading it back into the chocolate otherwise you will have chunks of solid fat throughout your modeling chocolate. If this happens you can try reheating it in the microwave.
The white chocolate that has always worked for me is Palmer's Candies Vanilla Almond Bark. It is sold at Ingle's grocery stores in SC. I haven't been able to find where to purchase it online. If you are reading this and know an online store that carries it, please share the link in the comments. Thanks!

You will also need:
1. Green gumpaste for the stems.
2. Basic gumpaste tools
3. X-acto knife or paring knife.
4. Paint brushes
5. Petal/luster dusts and silver highlighter.
These are the colors I used.
Bronze- Cake Supplies 4 U
Georgia Peach- CK Products
Silver Highlighter- Cakes by Design
Silver Foliage- CK Products

Maybe you know a website who carries all of these colors but I decided to provide the links of the sites where I found my colors. You may also choose to use gold instead of silver. The choice is up to you. This is just what I used.

Here's what the colors look like.

Start with a 1" ball of modeling chocolate.

Using your ball tool, press the center of your chocolate ball till it resembles the shape of a pumpkin.

Using the straight edge of one of your tools, lightly score the sections of your pumpkin. Set it aside.

For the stem, take a pea sized ball of green gumpaste.

Roll it between your fingers to form a skinny, elongated tear drop or tadpole shape.

Like this.

At the biggest part, press between your fingers to form sort of a golf tee shape.

Now pinch around the edges in 5 sections to form a star shape.

Now that you have the star shape, flatten it by pressing in the opposite direction.

Lay the stem down on your work surface and using your knife, score it all the way around to look like a natural vine.

Now twirl the vine into the desired shape and petal dust. I used the bronze and silver foliage as a base color then sprinkled a little silver highlighter.
Lightly wet the indentation of your pumpkin and nestle the stem  on top.
Last, lightly brush the lines in the pumpkin sections with georgia peach.

Now use these adorable pumpkins to decorate your cupcakes!

Please come back and leave a comment on how your pumpkins turn out and post a link to your creations! I would love to see them!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

With Love & Confection,


  1. Oh, modeling chocolate! This tutorial deserves a poem! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. What a great and easy to follow tutorial. I'm definitely going to try these. Thanks Veronica.

    1. Thanks Cynthia!!! Please come back and post a link to your pic when you finish them!

  3. Wow...Veronica..these pumpkins are so gorgeous...thamks for tutorial.....have a nice day, xoxoxox Elisa Baker

  4. They are so cute, and thanks for the tutorial. I have never worked with modeling choc. but always wanted to.

    1. Thank you! You will love working with chocolate! Please come back and post a link to you pic when you finish them!

  5. I made them :))

    1. Your pumpkins look fabulous! You did a great job on them! What are you going to use them for? Cupcakes? Thank you for sharing!

    2. Thanks Veronica,I think to make the cupcake ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing and the tutorial! You are THE best. It's so dissapointing when Cake Central posters put pics up and never answer questions or give a description. Can't wait to try these. Love your blog!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment! But I have to confess, I don't always answer every question on every picture I post either. One reason is that I just simply do not have the time. Another is that I can't always just give away my trade secrets. And I'm sure you can understand that.:)But I do appreciate all the kind words and compliments and try to make sure I thank everyone who comments on my pics/posts! I'm sure your pumpkins will turn out adorable and I would love for you to post a link to your pumpkin photos here so we can all admire them! Have a sweet day!

  7. Makes me want to try some myself! Really adorable little 'kins! And a great tutorial too!

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, I loved it. I never worked with modeling chocolate before, but wanted to try it. I was confused as to how long I'd be having to knead the chocolate. It took long, but was very worth it. I have a cake to do next month, and was wondering how long they would keep, how much time I'll have to work with before hand? Thanks again! I've attached a link, but not sure it will open (sorry)./Users/Ivan/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2014/Sep 11, 2014/IMG_6440.jpg

  9. Wow that's a wonderfull blog having all details & helpful. Confection

  10. does the gum paste simply "stick" to the chocolate?